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最近开发的乐助理360应用, 初次使用需要手机接受一条包含激活码的短信,  用户输入正确激活码后才能使用改应用. 所有的事情都做好了,杜工非常期待的提交给了苹果审核,结果人家给rejected了,原因是”我们收不到你们国家的短信,没法测试”,原文如下:

We began the review of your app but are not able to continue because we need demo phone number and verification code to fully access your app features. Please ensure that the demo account you provide includes any data necessary to demonstrate the functionality of your app features.

我了个去, 杜工怎么之前就没想到这点呢?于是一顿穷改, 加了一个固定的测试号码,只要输入这个号码,系统返回的激活码都是固定的就行了. 最后,重新提交审核,在review notes中客客气气的作下说明:

I’m sorry that our sms platform couldn’t send message to your country. So I added a special account as you mentioned in resolution center: 手机号码:130******* 激活码1234 So as long as you entered this phone No. exactly, the active code will always be 1234.
For that and some bug-fixed, I upload a new binary. Thank’s for your kindly help and best regards.

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