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新版 MSN 2011 移除广告 两个用户同时登录 补丁3+

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上个月刚发布的   Windows Live Essentials 2011 不知道你是不是也更新了呢?大多数的朋友都说新版2011狠难用,少数人觉得还好,反正迟早也是要适应。无论你使用的是新版或是旧版,都可以通过这个小工具来移除广告以及破解多用户同时登录限制,使用上非常简单喔!如果你有这个需要,不妨试试看本篇文章。

A-Patch updated for Windows Live Messenger 2011 (15.4.3502.0922)

Praise be to God.

Added 6 new options! At the moment this build is only available in English but will be available in more languages shortly, God-Willing, as soon as the new options have been translated.

Changelog (1.43 build 11)

New: Disable Nudge Shake (thanks digitaldj).
New: Remove Nudge Delay (thanks digitaldj).
New: Remove the top of the Contact List.
New: Remove Search Bar.
New: Remove the “Connected to…” bar.
New: Accept more than 3 files (transfers at a time) (thanks digitaldj).
Fix: Fixed graphical glitch when removing text ad banner in the conversation window.

Note: To remove the image ad banner in the conversation window, untick the “Show expanded footer in conversation windows” option under the Tools > Options > Messages window in the Windows Live Messenger options.

Changelog (1.43 build 10):

New: Ad Banner completely removed! Thanks to a brainstorming session with user bedrock, I was able to completely remove the ad banner from the contact list.

Feature: Remove advertisement from main window.
Feature: Remove text advertisement in the IM window.
Feature: Polygamy – open more than one Messenger at once.
Feature: Remove the “See More Offerings” items in the file menus.
Feature: Remove “Featured” section from the Emoticons “more” dialog box.

Download A-Patch for Windows Live Messenger 2011 (15.4.3502.0922)

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